I believe I mentioned before that IMD’s program is front-loaded, especially on the academic side. One of my favourite things about that is that we’re always looking at exciting things ahead. It’s almost like a reward system somehow. You go through the painful finance basics so that you can do exciting M&A simulations. You go through a lot of self assessment and then you start being exposed to senior executives and the IMD Alumni. You finish all exams so that you can devote your time to a company engagement project of your choice. And so on…

On that of looking forward to exciting parts, I don’t think anything can beat the expectations for the Discovery Expeditions! That’s the moment when we get split into 3 groups of 30 and fly to 1 of 3 exciting journeys around the world: Japan/China; Singapore/UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) or Mexico/US (California).

Kudos to the MBA Office on the efforts to accommodate our preferences in the best way possible. No one got their last choice. I always wanted to go to Singapore, am all packed and very excited to be flying out later tonight!

It will be a very exciting program with many company visits, events, a shortened Navigating the Future event for the Alumni and some free time as well to get to know the different parts of the world.

The blog team has organized itself with volunteers as well so that you get pictures from all destinations on the go. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to sign up to our events and meet up if you’ll be in one of these destinations!

Wishing all my classmates an amazing trip and hoping we get to meet some of the blog readers around the globe!

Best wishes,


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