We are now at a stage of the program where we cannot ignore the imminent end. Deciding on the graduation details, building our yearbook with the Yearbook committee… Yes, the end is near!

One of the things I always liked about this year was to think of the long list of all the good things still to come. This list is now shorter but not less exciting! Our International Consulting Projects are now halfway and we have selected our electives – the very last thing we will do together before graduation :'(

I chose to stay away from variations of  Finance, Accounting, etc and really look for topics that either 1 – I am passionate about or 2 – I have no clue of and would like to have an idea.

In my case I chose:


Decision‐Making for Leaders – Analytical x intuitive decisions and the common errors, group decisions, etc

Corporate Governance & Board Dynamics – Roles, power structures, dynamics, etc.

Service Marketing and Management – and how to rethink customer focus.

Non Market Strategies – I know so little about it I can’t even explain – that’s why I took it! Ask me in December 🙂

Digital Business Transformation – needs no explanation haha that’s a hot topic at the moment!

Truth, Lies, Trust, and the Leader – exploring why we sometimes lie to ourselves and others and how to prevent both telling lies and being the victims of a lie, from a leadership perspective.

Looking forward to it!

If you’ve been following our journey and want to have a chance to experience a day as an IMD MBA Student, you’ll have the chance to attend part of our elective sessions on November 18th (Decision-Making for Leader with Jay Narayanan) and on the 24th (Leveraging Strategic Partnerships with James Henderson)

For that, sign up here – and don’t forget to drop us a message! We love to meet the blog readers 🙂

Hope to see some of you soon!



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