Today’s guest entry is by future 2017 MBA candidate, Manu Gupta.

“Assessment Day” is a crucial day for IMD Admission process.

I did not meet any fellow interviewees before assessment day, but we exchanged a few emails. On the day, I was truly amazed when I met all the other candidates who were doing extremely well in their career and still relentlessly aiming for improvement with the IMD MBA Program. We were 8 people, from different countries and diverse professional experiences, and that crucial day with participants and professors gave me an insight of what IMD has to offer. After our assessment day we all parted to our residences around the world with a hope to see each other again. Frankly, I badly wanted to get admitted to IMD to not miss this lifetime experience. Today, I am very happy to write this blog as an upcoming IMD 2017 participant.

After my acceptance, within few days we had a WhatsApp group for our class and my phone hasn’t stopped buzzing to date, with more and more people joining the group from all over the world.

“Welcome to the Family” were words of my ex-manager, an IMD EMBA alumnus, when I told her that I would join IMD. At that point, I realized how close-knitted the alumni community is, and that the day we step into the IMD Foyer we will not only be business school candidates but also join a family of esteemed individuals.

The MBA 2017 batch of 90 individuals with 40 nationalities will embark a big journey on 11th January at IMD Business School, in Lausanne, my favorite city, located on the shores of lake Geneva.

Time has flown since my admission, and now with only a month to go things have started gaining pace, enormous discussions from arranging logistics, assignments, insurances, to clubs for next year go all day long, and small batch gatherings pop up wherever people can meet around the world, from Tokyo to Dubai to London.

IMD also stands apart from other schools with its incredibly strong partner program, a unique proposition. The school invests in every sense and ensures that not only the participants but also their partners and kids feel at home while their spouses are busy studying.

The feeling of joining IMD is exhilarating, both for my partner and myself. I am glad that I will be spending the whole of next year with few people from my assessment day, and many other talented fellows. I am proud and happy that I will share a class with 89 bright individuals who will shape the future of business in coming years.


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