It is Sunday night in our beautiful and cold Lausanne. The last Sunday night as an IMD MBA candidate. Whoa.

It’s funny how time inevitably flies and especially does it when we are living life fully. The second half of the MBA – as repeatedly warned by the alumni – goes by in a blink. We come from the CEPs and almost immediately are off to the Discovery Trips and then job search and then ICPs (coupled with job search for most) and when you realize it…electives have come and (almost) gone.

So far I’ve been mostly impressed by the electives! New and fantastic professors, deep discussions and the excitement to be back in the classroom with parts of our cohort before we all go onto our new lives.

The goodbyes are fast approaching and we are all trying to spend as much time together as possible. The agenda for next week is super full and exciting:

We have 2 more days of electives and on Wednesday we’ll have our last session and then program closure with the world famous – and very close to our hearts – George Kohlrieser.

Then on Thursday, for the first time, IMD is inviting our partners and family to a gala dinner before the graduation! Some class surprises are being organized and we will see some talent displays from the group – can’t wait.

On Friday we will all gather – hopefully not for the last time – in the main auditorium to finish our unforgettable journey.

My goal is to savour every second of our last week and make the most of it! Will try to leave the emotions for my last blog when I’ll say goodbye to you all and welcome the new bloggers for the 2017 class 🙂

Wish you all a fantastic week,


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