It’s so much happening during the last two weeks of the program: alongside with an intense schedule of electives, guest speaker visits and language courses, we are preparing for the next step in our lives, the first one after the MBA. The other day we discussed with one of my friends that throughout the program the intensity never went down, however, it felt very different at its first half, when the mood was more towards surviving highest educational and other external standards, whereas now we are more focused on satisfying our internal bar on what each of us individually wants to achieve and by which means. In a way, it feels like with the efforts from Pygmalion /  IMD we were given a shape,  and now, we are searching for intellectual, soul and moral fulfilment.

Today I had the last class of an elective on the place of truth, lies and trust in leadership with prof. Jennifer Jordan. It is a very strong experience for me to both understand myself and my personal drivers better, but also to learn more about my classmates, not to mention a fantastic and vibrant personality and style of our professor. I find the whole chain of internal discoveries throughout the program with our leadership stream, teamwork experience, and many classes so much resonating and shaping inside into a much more tangible portrait of who I am and who I am not. I feel very grateful…

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