As I fly over the Atlantic I try to find the words to write my last blog entry – difficult task!

This blog has always been very special to me because it’s where it all started. I fell in love with the IMD program here. I must have read every single entry for the last 7 or 8 years at least twice. I tried to understand the IMD world… it was so unique and almost hidden. A hidden gem.

I feel so grateful for having been given a chance to be part of this. I am now a proud IMD MBA Graduate for life.

When the program started I had no idea I’d be one of those that change Industry, Geography and Function. IMD opened doors to me I could not imagine. Allowed me to meet and connect with some of the most brilliant, exciting, interesting people in the world. It also made me face difficult challenges, experience behaviours I don’t agree with and learn about who I am and who I’m not. You cannot put a price to that. It’s a privilege and an honor.

I feel so lucky that after just one year so much has happened and I am much closer to the life I always wanted deep down. I feel lucky that these exact 89 people chose this class and gave me the chance to connect and learn from them. I feel even luckier that amongst these 89 people I found friends for life, secure bases and role-models.

Our graduation was so special. An entire week of celebrations, displays of affection, people getting together to make a difference for the class. Meeting the families of our classmates that somehow feel today as part of our own family. Hearing their exciting plans for the future. Crying together because the world that seemed so small during the year suddenly got so big as we thought of the distance that would separate us soon. Hearing our names being called one by one and cheering for each other. Crying again. Smiling again…

And now it’s time to go. Go get what we came here for. Go enjoy some deserved holidays. Go give it back to the world what we have been incredibly blessed to receive, as Luca and Antoine brilliantly pointed out in the unforgettable graduation speech.

I leave IMD with an endless supply of gratitude. Gratitude to the people who helped me get here. Gratitude to the people that went through it with me. Gratitude to the people that opened doors for an exciting future ahead.

I am excited to meet the class of 2017! Make the most of your year – it is yours, it is amazing and it goes by fast!

A big THANK YOU to all of you readers who have silently shared this journey with me,

Sílvia Simões

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