Aaron Wong, MBA 2006 and Malaysian Alumni Club President (2012-2017) wrote today’s guest entry including tips for the current participants.

It’s been 10 years since my MBA graduation, and walking down to the dungeons brought back memories of “fish on the table” chats (part of the leadership stream) and numerous nights finishing projects.

I’m privileged to be invited by Suzy Laurent to pen a few words for the MBA blog. Firstly, congratulations to this year’s participants on making it through the first half of the program, now the hardest parts are over (almost!).

I came back to Lausanne campus this week for our Alumni Club President’s Meeting. We had a chance to interact with 40 fellow Presidents from all corners of the world to exchange notes on club activities and best practices. It was also great to hear about the strategy and priorities of the school from Jean-Francois Manzoni, the President himself.

As I reflect back over the last decade, the friendships you build during the program and many more alumni you’ll get to meet really resonates with the motto of Lifelong Learning and Building Powerful Networks. Invariably, you will be navigating business or personal crossroads… and picking up the phone to call a classmate is an invaluable asset. In fact, about 60+ from my class congregated in Lausanne last summer to celebrate our 10th graduation anniversary. We all went our separate paths upon graduation and it was interesting to see that the successful ones are those that are happy with their work and life… not titles or material wealth.

Therefore, I would recommend that as you ponder over companies and jobs this summer, focus on the learning opportunities ahead and how it fits into the phase of life that you desire. Take the tough assignments and you’ll be surprised at your own abilities to perform at the peak.

Good luck on your adventures ahead and enjoy the Ride!

Aaron Wong
MBA 2006
CFO ASEAN, General Electric

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