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Today’s guest entry is by Jonas Jafari, who is sharing his thoughts on his company engagement project with a leading Tech company in Dubai.

The local café is filled with wonderful scents of fruits with Arabic speaking people smoking Shisha (waterpipe) in the middle of Dubai’s technology hub – it is time for lunch and networking. My name is Jonas Jafari and I am doing my Company Engagement Project for a technology company in Dubai Internet City.

You often hear that people are saying they are having their time of their life, but for me, having the opportunity to experience Dubai in the way I have done – really, I am having the time of my life!

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I love the work I am doing, but even more, I am overwhelmed with all the people I have got to know. Honestly, I might be a little strange, since I talk to everyone I meet and I love getting to know strangers, but Dubai is perfect for that – it is filled with amazing people from around the world. I believe this mindset of mine is something that has been strengthened through my first six months at IMD: open mindedness. We focus a lot on that at IMD. Open mindedness is important for me and I see the same mentality in our strong alumni network. I have had the pleasure of visiting several IMD alums in impressive positions at their offices. These professionals also take time out of their schedule to welcome me to Dubai. I meet with people for dinner every night and people have taken me out fishing, I have been invited to a local farm to ride horses, and I have met with a local Emirati, who will lend me his private tailor – so that I can get my own tailor made Kandura!

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I have learned that as long as you show interest in people and have some guts to reach out to people they will most often meet with you.

I am humble and happy of having the opportunity, through IMD MBA’s Company Engagement Program, to experience all this.

Thank you to all you open-minded people who have warmly welcomed me to Dubai. I look forward to coming back!

Maʿ al-salāmah,

Jonas Jafari

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