Today’s insight into the MBA ICPs comes from Swiss Philipp Bächtold, who is working with team members Bryant Chen (Taiwanese), Sandeep Kusnure (British) and Riccardo Paccapelo (Italian). They are supported by one of our Marketing Professors, John Walsh (Irish).

Bruno has already introduced our readers to the seven-week International Consulting Project (ICP) which started almost two weeks ago. The client of our team is a global automotive part supplier, who wants us to look into the dynamics of his aftermarket business. As I write this, I am sitting in the train coming back from our first business trip to the UK. Here are some interesting insights.

Thanks to the great organization and skill of our “Logistics – Manager” Sandeep, we arrived exactly 15 minutes before our first meeting at the client’s premise – almost 1000 km away from Lausanne. We were about to learn a lot about our company’s business and were eager to gain valuable insights into the market the company operates in.

For a second, I was a little nervous because I had never been in a consulting role before. However, all of my nervousness disappeared when Riccardo, a team member who has worked as consultant almost all his life, took the lead and guided us through the many meetings and discussions we had on that day.

During these meetings, I realized the power of our diverse team. Although none of us had pre-knowledge or exposure to the automotive industry, each of us brought in a unique way of looking at the problems our client faces. We managed to pick up all relevant information and were very happy when we went for our first team dinner after the first day with the client.

On the second day, and with the help of our project director John, who flew in from Lausanne, we then structured what we had learnt during the past two weeks and defined a final scope and strategy about how to tackle the deliverables requested. With a debriefing telco with our project sponsor, the official part of our first client visit ended and some of us headed back to Lausanne while others spent their weekend in the UK visiting old friends or family.

It was a great business trip and clearly more exciting days lie ahead of us!


Delphi team

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