As one class approaches their graduation, another celebrates their first reunion. We welcome back Kunal Chandra, 2016 blogger, who kindly shares some insights in this guest post.

It hasn’t even been a year since we left IMD and we are already planning reunions just to be able to meet our friends again. The first official IMD MBA 2016 reunion was held in Barcelona at the end of September. The beautiful city, full of energy and warmth, was a perfect location to mirror our own emotions as we joined up with our batch mates and their partners.

We have all gone from being students to consultants or bankers or managers, but on those two days in Barcelona we shed all of those roles to come back as the IMD batch of 2016. I have a feeling that this strong anchor will serve us well for the rest of our lives when we need some perspective.

Over great food, wine and coffee we caught up on the past months. It was great to see our friends discuss how they are already applying so many things that they learnt at IMD in their day-to-day life and work. On top, came the discussion about how we have tried to stay in touch with our friends and made sure to say ‘stop by for a drink’ whenever we visit a different city with classmates living there. Of course, IMD has given us a much bigger circle of friends that covers almost all the major cities in the World.

Thanks to Robin, the trip was full of fun activities including a game of bubble football. Here are some pictures from these exciting two days:

Barcelona Collage

Overall, it was a memorable event that left us all wanting more time to spend with each other. But we left knowing full well that we will see each other soon. In fact we are just getting started!



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