It’s carnival and time to celebrate!!!

Brazilian culture is very well known for its vibrancy. From the creativity of its football players to the beauty of its beaches on the coast, the country receives tourists from all over the world every year. In this sense, the carnival is probably the best example of celebration which symbolizes enjoyment, music and creativity all together.

I was born in Brazil and have had the chance to enjoy many carnivals in different cities, discovering the nuances that enrich each region of the country. At the age of 18, driven by my passion in science and mathematics, I decided to study Electrical Engineering.

Before coming to IMD, I worked in the Oil & Gas industry for 7 years and this brought me to live in UAE, the Netherlands, USA and Venezuela. After that, I had the chance to run my own business, a small restaurant in the countryside of Brazil.


One unique thing about myself:

In my childhood, I was fortunate enough to make good friends and create strong bonds with them. At 15 years old, we formed a rock and roll band and played in bars and small festivals for a few years. These are probably the best memories I have in life.

My vision of the ideal work environment:

I believe that an ideal work environment has an adequate balance of good structure and enjoyment. In a well-structured atmosphere, people will feel safe to share and contribute to the team, always with respect to their peers but also keeping in mind that the enjoyment and passion on their job is essential for success.

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