Two years ago, I was flying back home from a business trip to Rio de Janeiro and caught myself thinking about my life and career so far.

It was with a sense of accomplishment that I had reached my 6th year working with sales and account management in the mining & metals industry. With a combination of hard work and serendipity, I had built a solid start and a strong reputation. I had a promising career outlook and support from fantastic people I met along the way.

Although I felt reassured by the circumstances, something was itching inside. As I later realized, my feelings at the time were accurately translated into words in the very title of a fantastic book by Marshall Goldsmith – “what got you here won’t get you there”. It was about time to take a step back and look at the broader picture. Time to redefine my goals and calibrate my path.

Inspired by the profiles and advice from successful executives I had the pleasure to work with, I decided to pursue an MBA at IMD as a means to acquire further knowledge and deepen my understanding of international businesses. It wasn’t a straight-forward decision process, but a deep and rewarding assessment of my life as a whole.


About two years (and many emotions) later, I am now 5 months into the MBA and couldn’t be happier with my choice. What I expected to be an add-on learning experience revealed itself as a life-changing journey. To make things even more special, my girlfriend and I got married amidst the process and we are now expecting our first child. A true IMD baby who will be born in August!


What the future reserves to me and my family remains uncertain. But after all, I think I have finally learned to appreciate uncertainty and it’s the best feeling I have ever had.

Fernando Serra



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