In Norway winter comes early. As we drive through a picturesque landscape on our way to Kongsberg, we realize that temperatures are already below the freezing point.

Our client for the ICP project is TechnipFMC, a leading service provider for the energy industry. Walking into their facility, we quickly realize how its warm atmosphere contrasts with the temperatures outside. Jens is our point of contact in the company and he has organized a comprehensive three-day session in which we will meet the orchestrators of TechniFMC digitalization agenda. Most of us are new to their complex projects, but our attention is quickly captured by the passion and the competence of our hosts, if it was not for their busy agenda we would probably keep them until nightfall.

As our understanding of the company and their objectives increases, we can make connections to the learnings and the tools we acquired this year, and gradually realise the added value we can bring through the project.

Later in the day, we take a walk through the freezing air of Kongsberg to meet Jens and our sponsor Ann-Christin for dinner, and discuss the key learnings from the visit. The excitement is palpable, and we align on presenting our findings to our hosts before leaving back to Lausanne.

We leave Kongsberg with a sense of accomplishment and the awareness that we will have to work hard to deliver an outstanding outcome. Our target will be to define how TechnipFMC’s “Digital Ecosystem” could evolve in the coming years and, to do so, we will explore different industries and sectors. Jens is satisfied by our primary selection of industries to benchmark with, and we have come up with some ideas, but our work will need several more hours and countless coffee cups before we can put the IMD stamp on it. Not only are we confident of our skills to deliver a job which will bring additional value to the company, but we are also grateful to have a leading expert as faculty leader, Prof. Michael Wade is already helping us in defining the next steps, focusing our research and connecting with experts.

Driving back to the airport we feel satisfied about our visit. We are aware that significant work still lays ahead, but we are convinced we can deliver an outstanding result. Kongsberg and its pine forests are left behind, and we already feel nostalgic about the place and the contagious energy we encountered. It is now time to go back to Lausanne and to do our part. It is a warmer afternoon today in Norway, a bright sun is back in the sky. Perhaps Winter can wait a bit longer.


The TechnipFMC ICP team: Anish, Andrea, Sonia, Praveen, Rodrigo, plus Ann Christin and Jens at the local restaurant where we ate.

Andrea Bertino


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