Congratulations, MBA class of 2019

The MBA graduation ceremony on Friday was heartwarming.

It is an honour each year to take part in the celebrations of 90 great people, people we have accompanied on their journey, starting from before their arrival on campus :

  • the investigation phase – “Is this the right program for me?”, “Do I have the right profile?”
  • the application phase – the written application, the GMAT, the TOEFL
  • the assessment day – individual assessments, group assessments, “Is this where I want to spend a year of my life?”, “Can IMD help me to achieve my dreams?”
  • the phone call – one of our favourite moments – “Hi XX, this is IMD … and we’re calling to make you an offer to join the next MBA class!”
  • preparation, preparation, preparation
  • the program start – a new dream coming true, a year full of possibilities ahead, new doors waiting to be opened and explored

It’s an intense program, so much to fit into one year. There are highs, there are lows. Bonds are formed, challenges overcome.

But all 90 made it. All 90 graduated. All 90 are ready for the next phase.

Watch some of the highlights from the 2019 MBA Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations once again to all of the graduates from the 2019 class – and keep in touch!


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