The IMD MBAs choose their committees for the year: social, sports, sustainability, speakers, and yearbook.

As the MBA program moves further, things start to get more intense.
The hard knowledge is becoming indeed hard. There are more complex finance problems, challenging strategy cases, supply chain and operations discussions and accounting work picking up. But then again, an MBA program is composed of many other facets than the hard skills. This week, for instance, we elected our representative committees. These are divided into categories that work with the IMD community in each specific topic. This year’s IMD MBA Student Committees are: Social, Speakers, Sports, Sustainability and Yearbook.

The determination of the participants was delegated for the class to self-organize. All went smoothly. There was even enough time for a political event to take place, with campaigns, elections, arguments and promises of agendas. After a very democratic process, the elected parties were:

Social Committee

Bruno Palacio – Monty Hicks – Nick Geldhof – Aurore Amaudruz – Anthony Wilson

Sports Committee

Mrunmoy Panigrahi – Stephanie Hurry – Sammit Purandare – Simone Perego – Javier Valy

Sustainability Committee

Carlos Gancedo – Andre Garcia – Laudie Jamous – Konstantinos Pierros – François Facchin

Speakers Committee

Yaroslav Ivanov – Rishabh Kumar – Dmitry Borisenko – Elaine Shi – Olivier Chenneveau

Yearbook Committee

Haichen Liu – Shashikiran Chandrashekharan – Waithera Kinyeki

I congratulate all my colleagues for the election and proudly take a place in the Sustainability Committee. This was a personal achievement and I believe that much learning will be taken from it. For sure it won’t be an easy task, specially being a parallel endeavour on this intense program. However sustainability is a cause I personally have a deep interest and belief in. I am therefore very happy to have the opportunity to work with these people and the IMD community on the subject.

Hope we can keep up with the expectations and excel on another aspects of this experience.


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