Professor Jennifer Jordan talks about the leadership experientials that take place at the beginning of the leadership stream

It feels a bit odd for me to write a blog on the Leadership Experientials – even as the leadership professor for the stream – as I am not at the center of this important event. Rather, I am operating from quite a “backstage” position. This week (which is actually two sets of three-day experiences) is mainly driven by the amazing MBA Leadership Coaching Team. The students, their coach, and their small coaching groups are front and center. That said, this entire week is designed to bring to life so many of the themes and topics explored in the coming year of leadership work, including but not limited to, team dynamics, influence and persuasion, communication, conflict management, and managing diversity.

There are a few things that distinguish this week and make it so memorable for both students and coaches.

I am honored to have a role orchestrating this impactful experience. But I also need to accurately acknowledge and express my gratitude to the ones who do the real work here: the coaches and the MBA students.

Professor Jennifer Jordan

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