It's the beginning of March, the weather has decided to give us a glimpse of what winter should have looked like, and the MBAs are beginning to feel the pressure.

This time of year is often unpredictable. There can be warm sun one day and cold snow the next, and this year is proving to be no exception. Although, after the exceptionally warm winter we’ve had, maybe we need a few more winter days to fully appreciate the coming spring!

While the MBAs begin to realise just how much material there is to cover in the first module, at least the days are already becoming longer. As mentionned in prior blog posts, the leadership stream and personal development coaching have already been launched, the startup projects are well under way, there have been multiple group activities, and there are plenty of deliverables expected for the various classes.

At the same time, they have been working with the Career Development team to finalise their profiles for the 2020 Class Profiles brochure, which will shortly to be sent out to potential recruiters.

It’s all about time management, prioritization, team work and making the most of each minute.

MBA Recruitment & Admissions team

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