The IMD MBA Recruitment and Admissions team prepare for the third application deadline for the class of 2021.

While our current MBA participants get ready to wrap up Module 2, and hopefully return to campus, the Recruitment and Admissions team move on to the next round of preparing the 2021 class.

Our first two application deadlines have already passed, with increased numbers for both. Particularly pleasing was the increase in applications from women candidates, helping us to take another step towards our ultimate goal of achieving parity in the MBA auditorium.

In the weeks ahead, we have assessment days lined up for those selected from our May 1st deadline and will be organising zoom coffee chats with those who are thinking about applying in July or September – June will be a busy month!

Once this round of online assessments are finished, we should start to get a feel for what the next class will look like. It’s fascinating to see each group of 90 begin to take shape, with certain characters standing out from the start, while others take a bit longer.

Will you be sitting in the MBA Lorange auditorium next year? Or are you one of our alumni, remembering your own journey through IMD’s rigorous assessments?

Whoever you are, I hope your dreams come true.

Recruitment and Admissions

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