As we approach the midpoint of the MBA program, here is a relook into the whirlwind past six months in our MBA journeys.

I fondly remember an alumnus’ distinct summary of the IMD MBA – a year full of smash hits playing incessantly one after the other wherein you enjoy the everyday euphoria so much that you never realize how quickly it ends. Six months into the program, where we are now closer to the end than to the start, we are realizing how apt this summary is as everyday brings with it new avenues of learning and discovery. Feelings of nostalgia and a tendency to hit the reset button kick in automatically.

It feels only yesterday that we had our introductory sessions. Module 1 was all about settling in and getting readjusted to the world of case studies and assignments after years away from books. It was also about discovery and expectation setting as we started getting to know better the personalities behind the faces and forming our own personal brands.

Assembled together into the melting pot of the MBA Lorange Auditorium, with professors continuously churning our minds everyday with new concepts, real life examples and new applications, 90 individual yet intertwined journeys took flight.

While Module 1 was about discovery and setting foundations, Module 2 was all about clarifying thoughts and building ahead. As we moved ahead and started to get a sense of where we may like to venture post IMD, we found that many of those classroom concepts came in handy in our personal journeys as well.

Today marks the end of the penultimate week of Module 2. With the last two exams of the Module today, we will have only a week of the Digital Analytics Lab left in the Module. This is a significant milestone in the program as it also signals the end of the majority of our classroom time together as a batch of 90, before we begin to focus more on project work. Every day has felt like a whirlpool of learning with 89 amazing individuals wherein you are amazed at the creativity and diversity around you.

I remarked to one of my colleagues in the opening week of the program, it seems on the surface that we are all here on our own distinct and unique expeditions, but as we delve deeper and peel off the layers, we find common strands indicating how similar these voyages are. As we enter the Summer Break to continue our journeys of exploration and reflection, we also look forward to Module 3 and the chance to go above and beyond to build new pathways for ourselves. 

And then it all hits you, only 5 more months of this amazing journey left. So less done, so much to do…


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