IMD MBA scholarships foster diversity in the class by encouraging high achievers from around the world.

Deciding to do an MBA is no small feat. Typical questions we hear from potential candidates around the world include:

And for many,

“I know it’s the right thing to do, but how can I finance it?”

Some people decide early on in their career that they want to do an MBA, and they have the time to save accordingly; some have family support; and some already have well-paying careers and/or investments that they can use to finance their program.

But there are also those who decide to embark on their MBA due to an unexpected change in circumstances, or who are based in a low-paying country or industry.

There are many people out there with the potential, drive and passion that we are looking for, but not all of them have the financial means to pay for a top MBA program. While we can’t help everyone, our merit and need-based scholarships aim to foster as much diversity in the class as possible. The more diverse the class, the richer the discussions are and the greater the learning experience of each participant.

Over the next few weeks, the Monday blog will be introducing some of the scholarship winners from our 2021 class, as they prepare for their own IMD MBA journey to start in just a few months. Discover where they come from, why they chose to pursue an MBA and what their experience has been like so far.

And then, hopefully, we’ll catch up with them again next year to hear an update on expectations versus reality!

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