A rough road led to the stars and we are, at the end of our own long journeys, settling to a new MBA life under the Swiss sky.

Each journey was itself a challenge. Some came with a dozen bags. Some came from distant lands, spending a day in the sky. Some, stuck in their country, came under uncertainty. Some drove through countries conquering borders. Our four-legged friends bravely accompanied their humans. Regardless of duration, departure point, or Covid measures, I respect all the planning dedicated to these journeys. The change is not only in locations but also in the minds. The journey brings us closer to our goals and to one another.

I was one of the stuck ones. My family had booked a very nice business class flight ticket for me as an acceptance gift. I ended up travelling from door to door for 12 hours via train. Leaving my beloved London, briefly greeting an old affair – Paris; travelling under the sea, over the meadows, along the rivers, and through the mountains, I arrived in Lausanne to go into quarantine.

The quarantine experience is not easy at all, especially if gone through alone. After the 4th day it gets really hard to keep your sanity. The support from loved ones becomes crucial. The IMD MBA cohort’s hospitality is very special. I am grateful for my saviors: Aijan, Campbell and his family, Yukari, Li, Alicia, Harita, Laurent.

It didn’t take long to form a formal Covid team to assist the ones in isolation. Special thanks to Times. From bento boxes to personalized letters, all details were creatively crafted to cherish people whenever one goes into isolation.

Covid kept me apart from my dog for one year. A second journey, with immense help from Costantino, brought her four paws here. For me the last piece of my life is complete. With Emma and Andreas’ partners’ help she felt so at home.

The community spirit is embraced genuinely. I am touched by the help, support and gestures I have received in this short time. The caring, supportive nature of our cohort connects us as a community, but more importantly inspires us to be better persons. During our first day activities one word gave a name to our collective feeling: ‘Ubuntu’.

Or as put into words in Swiss land: ‘One for all, all for one.’

Wishing everyone their ubuntu moment very soon!


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