The program elaborates rapidly. Every day the class of 2021 is challenged to think and discuss upon deeper concepts in business.

Entrepreneurship might be the most overused term in business circles in the last decade. Yet the question is still relevant. As expected, our first entrepreneurship class with Professor Benoit Leleux started with a fervent discussion on the nature of an entrepreneur. Benoit passed us the question: What is Entrepreneurship?

Is it a mindset or a skillset? Is it problem solving and providing solutions? Is it for public’s sake or for a business’ sake? Is it creating a need or identifying a need? What is more important; the idea or the realized product? Is success of the business a parameter to evaluate entrepreneurial level of a person? Should an entrepreneur have characteristics for all functions of business? Can an employee be considered an entrepreneur?

I have always been a big believer of the idea that the action creates the difference. For me, an entrepreneur has a never-ending urge to act upon ideas, problems or goals. They have an inner energy that makes them take the lead to carve paths towards a goal. And courage to step into their paths, determination to keep going when challenges emerge and faith into the future.

At the end of our second week we discussed the first case study in our entrepreneurship class. The case was an example of rudimentary mistakes in a business plan. We were then asked our opinion for investment.

The story included some surprising twists and taught some life lessons for sure; but one lesson on business plans stood out: A BP can make or break the future.

Meanwhile, we were assigned our groups for Module 1. Each group is allocated to assist and add value to a startup. We soon meet with the startups which we will be working with for the next three months. This is a precious opportunity for us to learn about the dynamics of new businesses as well as to uncover our entrepreneurial sides.

I believe every member of #centumfortes has the courage to become the entrepreneur and make a difference in this world. Some of us have already proven themselves as accomplished entrepreneurs. But for some their entrepreneurial side will come as a novel discovery. Some of us may even become successful entrepreneurs of the future and inspire next generations. The possibilities are countless.

I cannot wait to see the class of 2021 to reveal the entrepreneurial spirits among #centumfortes.


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