Smrita Khanna takes the lead for the April MBA blog, with an overview of her Module 1 impressions from the first quarter.

Gleaming eyes, curious minds and undying spirit with empathetic hearts is how I describe Centum Fortes, IMD class of 2021. I, Smrita, writing the first blog during our Easter break, take the baton of IMD blogger for April.

Being a Finance professional, I have never experienced any quarter as such a roller coaster of emotions and unparalleled learnings.

I often get asked by prospective students – How is it?

We commenced the program with a curious January to move to rainy February with flooding assignments. Then we finally conquered March and found no pending tasks on Canvas (our program portal).

We juggled and struggled but we thrived. Group work, Leadership Labs, Start-ups, Career Development workshops, Personal Development electives name just a few. Little did we realize; time flew by and Module 1 exams were already knocking at our door.

Of course, the class had varied experiences. While Finance and Accounting were ghosting a few, other core subjects such as Operations and Entrepreneurship gave me chills. What was captivating was to see the persistence of each participant to overcome their fears. We helped each other to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge, and do our best for the Integrative exercise and Module 1 exams. As the Dean mentioned on our inauguration day, we learn from each other as much as we learn from our professors.

Nonetheless, writing the last exam of Marketing felt like a first milestone. The joyful cheers and holiday plan discussions quickly filled up the MBA foyer.

Some of our Easter activities:

What’s next in store?

Excited to find our new groupmates, we have recharged our batteries over Easter. Now we embark on Module 2 with even more enthusiasm and desire to quench our thirst for knowledge!


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