An introduction to the new MBA study rooms - historically nicknamed 'the dungeons' due to the amount of time participants spend there.

Spring is in the air! After an exceptionally chilly spell last week, it finally feels like things are warming up in Lausanne. And to usher in the new season, the MBAs were introduced to our brand new study rooms – the dungeons.

When one hears the name for the first time, imagery of dragons, fire and brimstone are conjured. But I can safely report that the MBA dungeons are not as ominous as they sound. Although they are located below ground level, and may give the impression that prisoners are being held given the amount of time we’ve been spending down there, the space has been designed to give us a safe space for collaboration, creativity and bonding that we can call our own.

My first discovery was the ping pong table, where pros and beginners alike can sharpen their skills and have a few laughs. Rumour has it there may even be a tournament soon. And for those of us who enjoy the game of football, but perhaps may not be as physically fit as we once were (“I have hip problems”?), the baby-foot table provides the opportunity for a much-needed mental break. Alternatively, for those just looking for some ‘me time’ the chill room is a great space to cuddle up onto a Fatboy and catch a few minutes of rest.

Finally, I shouldn’t forget the major purpose for which the dungeons were built – the study rooms. With state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology and tables that can be used as whiteboards, our study rooms really make us feel like the real deal. Views of Lake Geneva can be enjoyed from most of the rooms to remind us of the beautiful surroundings in which we are lucky enough to plant, nourish and grow new skills.

It’s been a pleasure to have a conversation with our blog readers over the past four weeks. I now pass the torch to Doug Petry for the month of March. I’m off to play some more ping pong. See you back here in August!


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