MBA participant, Shruthi Arul, shares her reflections on Module One as the pace of Module Two already picks up with the start of the Innovation Lab.

Time does fly! Three and a half months back, on my first day, I promised myself many things. I followed a few, did not follow many. Days, weeks, and months passed by and here I am, at IMD, reflecting back on the end of Module One. I am thankful for the moments I have felt proud of myself, but even more grateful for the moments I did not, for those moments paved the way for deeper learnings.  

A hundred questions would pour in at the end of each day:

Often the answers were hard to obtain. There were days when this was tiring – I just wanted to break free of the thoughts and let go. But motivation shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel to reset and restart afresh the next day.  

Thanks to the rich lectures by Professors Jean-François Manzoni and Jenifer Jordan, I realized that there is no one right answer, the key is in finding the right balance. Be authentic but show the right self; be pushy but know when to compromise; want it all without losing focus!

I have a great opportunity ahead of me to keep trying through the rest of the program until I find my balance. Quoting an IMD alumnus, who is a CEO in Canada, I hope I “do the right thing next and the next thing right” in the upcoming months here.

Grateful to IMD for all of this – Real learning, Real Impact!


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