The IMD MBAs spent the final days of their discovery expedition exploring the startup ecosystem and the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berlin.

The Discovery Expedition continues! Berlin has evolved over the years from what they call “Poor But Sexy” to an innovative ecosystem and hotspot for startups.

Day Two

This was spent in the “hands-on” light of the startup scene, starting in Betahaus, one of Berlin’s most established Co-Working and Innovation spaces. 

At Betahaus, we had a design dash prototyping workshop. Some of us discovered our creative geniuses, designing potential ‘Tinder for travels’, ‘languages,’ and even a ‘reality puppy tv’ show while watching TV. 

We had Ignite talks from inspiring speakers who shared their stories and inspiring insights into the world of startups. Some of these were Maximilian Von Der Ahé, the co-founder and CEO of Betahaus; Lutz Haase; Jon Sykes, the founder of Racemapper; and Lubomila Jordanova, Co-founder & CEO of a Greentech Plan A. 

Key Learnings

Day Three

This took us on quite a different journey. “Impact” was the keyword of the day. 

We spent the first half of the day at EUREF, Europe’s greenest campus. It was all about meeting makers of the green future, exploring creativity hands-on, and taking in what the future could be, real or virtual. Here we saw and learned how sustainability drives the entire business model as seen in sustainable buildings and mobility.  

And then, we had a panel of passionate players from the Berlin Impact scene, who shared their views on impact and how they measure it.   

More takeaways from just some of the speakers 

We then enjoyed a guided tour of the Templehof airport. Some people recognize the Tempelhof airport from movies such as Bourne supremacy, Equilibrium, and Atomic Blonde. However, it was enlightening to hear the history of how the airport evolved from the old to the new and its planned future. 

Day Four

We wrapped up the week on Day 4, exploring the future and how we want to live in that future. And there was no better way than to spend the night in Wasserwerk, a Berlin Loft space. We combined dining and wining with our classmates with listening to Line Niedeggen, the fiery Activist for Future, challenge us to ignite change and becoming bold!

As we wrapped up the night and the week, we cannot but be thankful for the opportunity to explore and be immersed in the Berlin culture despite the pandemic. And we, therefore grateful to everyone who worked hard to make this happen for us. You all rock! #gyopi #gitte marie #sean #sandeep #… 


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