Campbell Brown takes time to relax and enjoy the summer and shares the different plans and intitiatives that his classmates will be pursuing.

The last couple of months in Switzerland have been rainy. And despite the mantra that Module One is the tough one, Module 2 has been as unrelenting.

Because of both, there have not been as many hikes, outdoor events, or sunny days by the lake as many of us would like. But we are now well into the summer break.

While many of the class are on well-deserved holidays, others have returned to see their families in their own countries, or are welcoming friends and family to Switzerland.

Here are some of the diverse summer vacation plans classmates shared before the summer break began:

Getting my kids in Dubai back on track with their preschool activities and teaching some A, B, C are my top priorities for the summer! I will end the summer with some wild camping and long road trips in the Swiss mountains.

A 13 hour drive, 10 days of self-isolation (#homejail!), and all at a price close to $1000. NPV, beta and the value bag might conclude that’s a poor investment of time and money. But the benefits of being reunited with friends and family; drinking Pimm’s whilst watching Wimbledon and, possibly more importantly, England ‘bring it home’ (#euros2020); can only be both priceless and timeless!

Campbell: we will see how this ages 😀

A whirlwind trip to Rome, Venice and Egypt alongside many of our new MBA friends is our way of making the most of the time!

Another classmate is planning to bike around Switzerland while enjoying a no phone-no wifi-no internet kind of trip. Hope he can also enjoy some ideal biking weather!

As for me, I am in Greece to see some of the beautiful beaches and experience the amazing culture for the holiday weeks. Spending quality time with my family after the whirlwind of activity is a refreshing change!


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