We finally kicked off the international consulting projects (ICP) and will be dedicating the next seven weeks working full-time with a wide range of companies to solve strategic issues.

Alas, we have already completed a long eight months of classroom learning, leadership coaching, and mentoring. However, we now finally get to put into practice and apply our learnings. During the International Consulting Projects (ICPs), we will be working in teams with 19 different companies, in multiple industries, globally.

The companies we are working with are in industries that range from Agriculture to Winery, Automation to Energy, Professional services to Healthcare, and Insurance to Non-profit. We have working with us, to set us up for success, 19 members of the faculty, professors who will coach us throughout.

Also glad to add that despite disruptions caused by Covid-19, more than half of the class will be traveling to destinations such as Sudan, Egypt,  Morocco, Dubaï, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, US, and Peru. We are happy to work through the travel requirements to deliver for the clients who have invested heavily in these projects. 

My team (Emma James, Abhishek Jakate, Charles de Cerjat, Frederic Poncin) and I, with the leadership of our coach Leif Sjoblom, will be traveling to Sudan in the coming days to start our analysis on the ground. We are looking forward to learning more about our company, the country, and the issues we are tasked to provide solutions to. Hopefully we will be able to give valuable and strategic insights that are sustainable and impactful to their organization.

We are also very excited about traveling to Africa. It will be a great opportunity to meet and interact with the people on the continent and to experience some African hospitality.  

Over the next few weeks, we will all be performing high-quality industry, company, and issue analyses. Then, we will need to present our findings and solutions to the faculty and our company. The different teams will be sharing our experiences from different locations, so keep reading our blogs in the coming weeks to know more about how it is going and our learnings.

Wishing my classmates an excellent and insightful ICP, and amazing and safe travels to those who will be traveling!


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