As the IMD International Consulting Projects approach their end, MBA students prepare their final presentations to their clients.

Our ICP (International Consulting Project) is in full delivery mode right now. This means that our team is supremely focused on polishing the final growth options being presented to the client.

This is a challenging project. Our ICP team is working with a fantastic brand name client in an industry that demands the highest degree of confidentiality. Working with the client, we have gained a new perspective of a market dominated by several elite firms. We have also had the good fortune to interact with the whole organisation, from the executive team to the teams driving real results for other organisations. However, while our client has been extremely generous with their time, getting insight into the market was always going to be a challenge.

Thankfully, we have been able to combine our own the connections with the generosity of alumni and other connected parties. As a result, our research efforts yielded some fascinating insights into the market.

Along the way, our team has been forged by multiple project sprints. We have been brought together by the joy of long nights as well as some amazing team building activities. The creation of beautiful art works was one such activity.

For the next few days, we’ll be burning the midnight oil to ensure a great result, for both the client and for the team.

We’re very grateful to IMD and the client for facilitating such an engaging opportunity for understanding!

Abhay, Aksinia, Campbell, Juan Pablo, and Rafael

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