MBA 2022 student, Farah Behbehani from Kuwait, shares her profile, why she chose IMD in Switzerland, and highlights of the program so far.

After graduating from university I used my engineering degree to work in the construction and education fields. However, I didn’t feel like the paths laid in front of me matched the image I had for my future. At the age of 26, I therefore decided to look for new ways to make my vision a reality.

IMD appealed to me in particular because of the program structure and the unique teaching style that they have. The program really seemed as if it would cater to my needs and help me reach my goals. Aside from the experiential weeks and the ICPs, I felt it would also allow me to better myself as a person and a career woman.

When I applied for the IMD MBA, I knew that it would be a really intense year. A year filled with so much knowledge that it would sometimes get overwhelming. I thought I would be intimidated by the intensity. Instead, it is turning out to be a fun challenge with classmates who make the experience so much better. I didn’t expect to create connections with people in such a short time. People who would have my back immediately. They are always willing to help me out, support me or be there for a friendly chat. In addition, the professors are passionate which makes all the classes so much more entertaining. I really appreciate how they get students engaged.

The most challenging part of the year is time management. There are so many assignments that are due simultaneously. This completely disrupts the schedule you had before you arrived at IMD. The most fun aspects of the program are all the activities and clubs that are formed within the cohort. The mountain trip organized at the beginning of the year was an experience that I will never forget. It was a chance for all the participants and MBA team members to really get to know one another.  


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