The International Consulting projects have arrived and MBA students have split into new teams to solve company issues around the world.

The time has finally arrived for the batch of 2022 to jump into our ‘capstone project’ of the year: The International Consulting Project (ICP)

The ICPs have been a cornerstone of IMD’s MBA program for the last 40+ years; they are an experience that leverages all our pre-IMD and 2022 learning, enabling us to work full-time with clients globally and generate meaningful business impact. During our job search, and figuring-out life plans post the program, the ICPs serve as a structured pillar for seven weeks, where we can deploy and hone the arsenal of tools and experiences that we’ve learnt throughout the year.

The impressive list of 21 clients and projects, across 16 industries this year, include a great mix of industrial giants and humanitarian organizations.

I’m fortunate to be a part of a six-nationality, five-industry-background, cross-functional team – Yu Lin, Will Liu, Juan Pablo Regalado and Brandon Taft, guided by IMD’s Economics guru Professor Ralf Boscheck – working with a company in Norway. Over the last few weeks, we’ve begun to feel the scale of the business problems we’re trying to solve, the length and breadth of harnessing the right framework/approach in a pandemic environment, and the responsibility of the work that we’ve been tasked with.

Some of the other ICP teams

It’s truly an exciting time to be an MBA student at IMD. There’s a good amount of action with the employment search, company presentations and interviews. The ICPs are like a full-time job again. The leaves have begun to change colour and the temperature has started to dip a little… and some days are a little ‘windier’ than others, to walk/run by the lake. Also – our graduation is just a couple of months away!

I remember a leader that I worked for in my previous company say – “during times like these, it’s not only about time management, but about energy management as well.” I hold this statement close to my heart, as my peers and I navigate the few VUCA months that lie ahead of us. Stay tuned for more updates from the world of ICPs.


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