The IMD MBA class of 2022 signs off with some advice as the incoming class begins their journey.

This time last year, I was finishing my pre-readings and making preparations to leave for Switzerland, and I remember looking to the previous class for guidance. Among the advice were words of wisdom from the Centum Fortes class, compiled in this post by IMD MBA ’21 Christian Erana.

I recapitulate it here, and continue the legacy by offering some from the 2022 class.

Advice from the 2021 class

These three things definitely put me in the best state of resilience and helped me to prepare myself for the intense year ahead.

Class of 2021 graduation

Advice from the 2022 class

IMD MBA 2022 Graduation Ceremony. (Photo: ©Mark Henley/IMD)

On behalf of the cohort, I wish the class of 2023 a transformative year ahead, and I hope this post offers some guidance as we enter into a more reflective state and think about our own impact as we go out into the world. I’m inspired by a quote from ancient Greece: “What we leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

Ayesha Fariz

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