MBA student, William Reindorf-Partey, discusses juggling the International Consultancy Project with hunting for a job as the class approaches the final weeks of the program.

Picking up from where I left off in my last blog, having the opportunity to be involved in a social project which could change the lives of thousands of African youths is one I greatly appreciate. In our case, thinking outside the box and quickly grasping abstract concepts has been critical to making headway with our ICP (International Consulting Project). It has also brought to bear the differences in landscape within Africa and highlighted the discrepancies between reality on the ground on the continent and metrics, even beyond the differences in the same metric.

Context is key

For example, predicted economic growth can easily be undone with a looming security risk. Many speak of making social impact but have never witnessed first-hand the places they want to make the most impact.

That being said, the ICP provides us with the opportunity to undertake such journeys, and as an add-on is a strategic opportunity to build one’s professional network. It is my hope that with the help of my colleagues Mads Moller Morgensen, Kriti Bakshi, Ashima Kumari, and Raul Cohen, our client can achieve this historic feat. Being the final team assignment, it has required us to dig deep and apply all we have learned in the leadership stream – and, of course, getting that final push out of the fuel remaining in the tank. For others, this period is the last opportunity to build on, or mend, relationships and to make up for lost opportunities.

Job hunts simultaneously compete with time, and that unspoken sense of anxiety and unease has dissipated. Networking and interviews are still ongoing. The Career Development Center (CDC) continues to provide much needed information and support, and sector club presidents within the cohort are pulling strings to help facilitate the process as well.

IMD 2023 MBA student receiving one on one career coaching. Photo ©Mark Henley/IMD

On a final note, I would like to congratulate my colleagues who took part in the Lausanne Marathon as well (and all crossed the finished line). In my opinion, the marathon taking place at the tail end of the MBA program is symbolic. Like them, we are all on the home stretch, the end is straight ahead, and our objectives have never been clearer.


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