IMD MBA student profile: Arushi Bhardwaj, a Forte scholarship winner from the USA. Arushi shares her motivation for pursuing an MBA, what drew her to IMD, and her journey so far.

My name is Arushi Bhardwaj, a 26-year-old MBA student and a proud recipient of the Forte scholarship. Born and raised in New York City, I’ve always been captivated by innovation and the drive to make a difference. My journey in academia began with my acceptance at Bard High School Early College in Queens, a specialized high school, which gave me the opportunity to graduate with an associate degree at 17, followed by a BBA degree in corporate finance at 19.  

Opting for a non-traditional route, I took some time off post-graduation and lived in India where I immersed myself in entrepreneurship. I founded a health and wellness app called Taste of Honey, with the aim of bringing more exposure to mindful living. Although I ended up pursuing my career in corporate America, I found the thrill of innovation and the hands-on impact of running my own business in India to be much more fulfilling. This sparked my decision to pursue an MBA in a new chapter of my life. My motivation for pursuing an MBA at this point in my life stemmed from a desire to explore new opportunities in innovation, strengthen my skill set, and face challenges that pushed me to grow as a leader and strategic thinker. 

Exploring Lausanne in January with my new classmates: Kam Sohi, Xiaolong Ou, me, Gilles Anoma, Anouk Rossier, Dimitris Asimopoulos

IMD has always stood out to me as a top-ranking business school globally, renowned for its diverse student body, emphasis on leadership development, and intimate cohort size fostering a close-knit community. However, what truly drew me to IMD was its core values of being pioneering, open, collaborative, and brave. These values deeply resonated with me, and as a young leader, I was eager to immerse myself in an environment that celebrated out-of-the-box thinking while empowering individuals to have the courage and conviction to make decisions that bring about meaningful change.  

My journey at IMD has been truly transformative. Surrounded by exceptional faculty, an enriching curriculum and a vibrant student body, I’ve been immersed in an environment that consistently challenges and pushes me beyond my comfort zone. Within just three months, I’ve experienced remarkable personal growth and developed a new-found sense of confidence. The Leadership Lab and core classes have been instrumental in this process, providing me with invaluable insights and skills that I can apply both inside and outside the classroom.

In the MBA auditorium with Laras Sindora, Tiago Nascimento, me and Taylor Tepondjou

As a recipient of the Forte scholarship, I am humbled by the opportunity and motivated to make the most of this extraordinary journey. Being a Forte scholar holds profound significance for me, symbolizing not just financial support but also recognition of my potential as a future female leader in business. Additionally, I have met incredible individuals and forged connections that feel like the start of lifelong friendships. Surrounded by this inspiring community, I am deeply motivated to continue my journey of learning, growth, and self-discovery. I look forward to embracing the challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development that lie ahead.   

As I continue this journey with my cohort, I eagerly anticipate taking part in exciting adventures, sharing unforgettable experiences, and creating lifelong memories. Alongside these incredible individuals, I am inspired to grow as a visionary leader dedicated to creating meaningful and positive change in the world.


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