With the transition from module one to module two, MBA students are literally in at the deep end with challenging modules, workshops, activities – and a polar plunge.

And just like that, Module 1 is a wrap! With a degree in sociology and a professional background in marketing, most of the topics – operations, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and economics – were new to me, but this was just the type of breadth and depth I’d hoped for. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding and more advanced skills in each discipline, but I also observed a shift in how I evaluated key business challenges. To move from a marketing-centric to a broader business-oriented mindset in just 10 weeks is a testament to IMD’s pedagogical approach and the individual professors.

Post-exam polar plunge in Lac Léman

There was a distinct sense of relief in the class after we finished our last exam. We commemorated our hard work with a quick lunchtime polar plunge in the lake. The cool, refreshing water was just what we needed to transition into our afternoon workshop at the Career Development Center (CDC). During this session, we worked with a charismatic brand strategy expert who led a rich discussion and engaging set of activities designed to help us curate and communicate our professional stories. While many of us are still fine-tuning the details, we all left not only with a more refined narrative but a more confident way to communicate it.

Module 2 began the next day with the second operations and finance modules, as well as strategy and marketing. We were also paired with new breakout groups. It feels bittersweet. While I’m eager to explore new topics and partner more closely with a different set of colleagues, I’m also struck at how fast Module 1 went by. I’m trying to appreciate all I learned and gained in the early weeks while recognizing these new modules as an opportunity to reground myself and remain present. I revisited questions such as, “What do I want to get out of this program?” and “How do I want to spend my time and maintain balance?”  (Pro tip: Keep a journal. Even if you only jot down some bullets every few days, it’s a useful tool to work through such questions.) We ended the week with a barbecue; catching up over burgers was the perfect way to enjoy some downtime with the full cohort.

Lakeside class barbeque

I led my second official HIIT session with some friends (finally fulfilling my dream to teach fitness) over the weekend. The energy was enlivening, and I carried it with me straight into a group feedback session with my startup team. Our team coach guided the discussion, with an emphasis on resolving conflict. Although my team had a great synergy throughout the six weeks, this session forced us to take a more critical lens on some tensions we avoided, and how we can individually and collectively work towards resolving them in the future. I capped off the weekend with a football scrimmage and personal development elective (PDE) session. Exercise and time and nature have been key to grounding myself as I navigate my self-growth journey.

My second official HIIT session

I’ve been quite contemplative this week, considering how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned, and I’m eager to see what this next chapter brings. The Easter break was a great opportunity to continue these reflections while relaxing with friends and enjoying some outdoor time in this beautiful country.

The sunsets over the lake are amazing!

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