Like the other teams, my team has kicked off the ICP project two weeks ago. We are splitting the ICP project into 3 phases: the first is industry analysis, the second is company analysis, and the third is client recommendation.

To complete the industry analysis, we travelled to France and Holland to visit the client’s locations. It was very interesting to understand from the manufacturing value chain and see how the products were produced, until the distribution channel and see how the products were sold and shipped. By visiting the locations, we could consolidate better what we researched with how the real industry player worked. We had some nice discussion with the managers from the locations to understand what their challenges and opportunities were. It was also part of the international experience to see how things are done in another country and culture.

It was a short but fruitful trip. We collected lots of useful info and data to be used in our first phase presentation, which takes place this week. I am looking forward to seeing the first result of the project!


My team (from left to right): myself, Nacho, Sophie, Alfredo

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