Wise men say that to cognize things does not necessarily need to physically experience them. For instance, cosmologists don’t have to travel to another parts of the Universe to estimate its size, chemists discover new elements without having actually seen them, or doctors can treat without being ill. This mental diving is may be more applicable to theory. However, quick plunge into cultures and understanding of some business realities is possible without travel… by studying at the IMD MBA! Last week culminated by a fantastic dinner, where for the first time in my life I saw some live traditional dancing, mix of ancient traditions and technological fun and so much more. I’ve travelled in a Space and Time Machine and I guess it works like a centrifuge, as those 89 people in our classroom are no longer strangers to me, those are My Classmates! I also noticed that people, motivated to build on similarities, from sometimes competing, in a sense, countries can “live life in peace”.

In terms of workload pressure is increasing. The program is not only intense, but also amazingly multilayer: incredible, how many dimensions of our development from theory to practice, from personal to professional, from career to leadership development or from individual to team work are comprised. This load is, indeed, significant, and it seems like many of us recalibrate our internal fatigue indicators to work more, sleep less and get more disciplined. Fortunately, we don’t compromise on food, as “The Meeting Point” does its job –mmm – very well.

We’ve already worked in a couple of groups and have got our first feeling on various industries and functions. Before I used to think that with 10+ years I knew almost everything about my industry; I must confess I was wrong. Views and backgrounds of my teammates strew spices, and individual collisions toast the cake.

We are on our way to the entrepreneurship projects and I can’t wait to get absorbed into this new state of mind and business and country specifics.

Till soon,


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