Learning from IMD professors is sometimes trying to release our thoughts from gravity. In an attempt to think differently my mind would ache, if it only could. We know a lot and we are experienced and “old”, we are highly motivated to study and we spend nights preparing our assignments, and then during a class we receive a simple question “why?” or “so what?”. It’s not a problem of saying something superficial, but a challenge of “did I actually find the core?”. No matter how cool we may be, we are actually monotasking: big dive requires high concentration and dedication. In our class we are all exceptional, yet it’s amazing how much we can grow.

Since the start of work in small teams a week ago, we’ve got to know our peers and a bit disclosed ourselves. Though, being to this program we have much in common, we already have seen differences in perception and behavior. This week we are facing our beautiful selves in a leadership experiential. I am a bit charged and I will share my first grains of goldmine the next week.

For those of young mothers who are preparing to apply for the next-year class here is a finding: indeed, mothers are irreplaceable. But some of our features/functions are, well, substitutable, sometimes in an unpredictable way. My daughter successfully leveraged her knowledge and networking skills through… my former colleague and a good friend of mine (Olga, thank you!). So, here is a takeaway: we can give more by letting others, even our precious children, solve their issues by themselves. And as our feelings (should) have no gravity, our beloved ones would always have our support. Let us explore!

Till soon,


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