I thought you might enjoy reading different perspectives from the wider class and so we managed to convince Neha to share some of her perspectives with you. I hope you enjoy reading about Neha’s journey through the corridors of IMD and beyond!


Bonjour à tous.

I am Neha Kabra, an Indian and a banker by profession with a wide experience across markets and functions. When the blog team invited me to do a guest entry, I jumped at the opportunity. Firstly, because I have been on a tremendous learning journey over the past three weeks, a journey that has been closely interlinked with 89 super-accomplished individuals and secondly, because I really wanted to share my perspective with my classmates and those hoping to join IMD.

The thing that strikes me the most about IMD MBA is the sheer brilliance surrounding me coupled with the intense and fast paced environment that hit me from Day 1. As I learnt about the accomplishments of my classmates, I had the privilege of working with high-performing teams on critical projects and experientials. Right now the entire class seems to be “profoundly” absorbed in a series of high impact projects: The Startup project, The Industry Strategy Audit and The Leadership Experiential.

I chose the IMD MBA program for its “legendary” Leadership track and today I patted myself for my decision. The class has been divided into two large Cohorts. My Cohort just emerged from two power-packed days of the first Leadership Experiential.

Looking back, the experiential was incredibly challenging as 48 of us navigated through a series of testing, goal oriented situations. We had our ups and downs, heated exchanges, broken noses (just a metaphor !!!) and introspection, sometimes we led and sometimes we followed – in the process we helped each other improve, we became more self aware, trusting and cohesive as a group. My biggest learning from the experiential can be well summarized in this quote by Mother Teresa – “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.”

Finally, I am glad to report that we have all survived the first of the many bases we hope to conquer over the year.

Btw, here’s the look from the last few weeks.  As they say, change is the only constant J

Till the next time,


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