Yeap. The insanely busy, long days have definitely arrived (and I don’t think they plan to leave anytime soon).

The past days were super intense juggling the new classes of Finance, Operations and Marketing with the Entrepreneurship and Economics group assignments. The whole week felt like just one very long day, with quick pit-stops at home. I don’t think there was anyone I spoke to this week that didn’t reply my “how are you?” with: “tired”. I know I did it many times! Haha

But I’ll tell you something… it’s a different kind of “tired”. It’s tired with a smile and sparkling eyes. It’s bursting curiosity. It’s not wanting to be anywhere else. It’s always having an extra 5 minutes when you’re on your way home to help a classmate with the last exercise or just for sharing some good laughs.

I hear it gets worse. Much worse, some say.

At first I didn’t believe it (How can we be busier than this?). Then I was just scared (I won’t be able to make it!).

Now, all I can say is: I’m sure we’ll be stronger by then. Much stronger!

Bring it on.




Found that self-reminder on my phone from the MBA decision making days. Nobody ever said it was gonna be an easy year… 🙂


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