Carlotta Schwarz explains how the MBA Class of 2024 are strengthening their bonds through friendly competition, honing their communications skills through crisis management drills, and diving into the world of international relations.

As we gear up for our first discovery trip, the atmosphere in the classroom has transformed. Late nights in the dungeons have given way to sunny days by the shores of Lake Léman, and a new and exciting challenge has captivated our cohort.

Stride for Sustainability

For an entire month, we will compete in “The Stride for Sustainability: MBA Solstice Walking Challenge,” measuring our steps and competing for the top spot. Inspired by last month’s “Steps for Cancer Support” challenge, this event has united our entire cohort in a spirit of friendly competition and collective motivation.

By the lake with Susheel Kumar Variyath, David Hobbs, Stephanie Hudson, me, Beatriz Monreal, Dario Pigato, Felix Hechl, Dimitris Asimopoulos 

Crisis management

Our schedule has also been enriched with various engaging activities. Recently, we had an intense crisis management exercise that took us all by surprise and kept us on our toes for the entire morning. This experience was invaluable, offering practical insights, strengthening our public relations skills, and giving us an opportunity to test our camera-ready faces. With the help of former BBC and CNN anchors, we learned how to react to live interviews, choose our words wisely, and manage our body language.

International relations

Additionally, we were privileged to visit the International Labour Organization (ILO). This visit provided us with a deeper understanding of international relations and the critical roles these institutions play in addressing global crises. It was an eye-opening experience highlighting the importance of international cooperation and policymaking, and it gave us the chance to explore the incredible city of Geneva.

In front of the United Nations: Kyohei Oe, Felix Hechl, Amith Dayanand, Deekshant Sharma, me, Yonjai Lee, Mohamad Hussain, Rohit Gupta, Thiago Nascimento

Summer break

As we approach the summer holiday, some of us are preparing for amazing travels, others are gearing up for internships, and some will take this opportunity to rest and recharge. As we continue this journey, we are reminded of the diverse opportunities our MBA program offers. From hands-on crisis management drills to learning from global institutions, we are constantly growing and adapting. The MBA Solstice Walking Challenge is yet another example of how we are encouraged to balance academic rigor with physical wellness and community engagement, creating strong bonds within the cohort.

Stay tuned for more updates as we step forward together, embracing each new challenge with enthusiasm and determination.


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