MBA clubs and committees play an important role in enhancing the overall experience of our students, whether they choose a leadership role or simply to take part in the numerous activities organised throughout the year.

Sports Committee

Our objective as a Committee is to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community and cohesion within the cohort. To this end, we have engaged key members of our community with relevant backgrounds in different sports to lead multiple initiatives in wellness, team sports, and others. We are excited about what the year will bring, considering the amazing opportunities that will come with the year’s sporting events including UEFA Euro, the Paris Olympics, Roland-Garros, MBAT, Antigua Sailing Week, and so much more!

Committee members (left to right): Dimitris Asimopoulos, Alvaro Aubele, Stephanie Hudson, Aakriti Batra, Adrian Knöpfel, Jack Davies

Sustainability Committee

After introducing ourselves to each other, we quickly realized that we had a common objective in joining this committee: bringing and enhancing sustainability in every aspect of our daily life experience at IMD (including among students, faculty, and professionals), and helping to build a bridge between sustainability and our post-MBA careers. We plan to organize events around the subject, improve waste sorting, and suggest solutions to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Committee members (left to right): Taylor Tepondjou, Alison Brett, Kriti Dixit, Isabel Fernández Acín, Sebastián Wilson, Deekshant Sharma (not in photo)

Social Committee

As the Social Committee for this year’s class, we are responsible for making sure that everyone makes time for social fun amidst our hectic programs! We want to give everyone a platform to let loose and ultimately form the types of deep connections with our classmates that many of us had in mind before we began. We aim to host a variety of different events to embrace our varied cultures and preferences.  

Committee members (top to bottom, left to right): Sarah Fuhrmann, Kam Sohi, Isabella Wang, Laura Chedid, Lauren Holding, Nicholas Saari

DE&I Committee

The DE&I committee looks forward to leveraging our broad perspectives to challenge our thinking and cultivate an inclusive learning environment. We’re eager to organize events that promote inclusivity for both visible and invisible forms of diversity, raise awareness and education around core DE&I topics, and share practical resources to foster DE&I in the workplace. Ultimately, our goal is to empower the future leaders among us to work toward a more diverse, inclusive, and fair future.

Committee members (left to right): Gabriel Barbosa, Veronica Durando, Rohit Gupta, Kumi Hiramatsu, Mariana Otarola, Laras Sandra Sindora

Yearbook Committee

Welcome to the MBA Yearbook Committee, where we strive to immortalize the unforgettable moments of our academic journey! Inspired by the profound impact of capturing memories, we’ve embarked on a mission to craft a yearbook that transcends traditional designs. Fueled by creativity and a passion for preserving cherished memories, we’re dedicated to crafting a masterpiece that reflects the essence of our MBA experience. Join us as we embark on a journey to create a timeless keepsake, ensuring our shared moments endure for generations to come.

Committee members (top to bottom, left to right): Mizuka Murata, Arushi Bhardwaj, Ruiyi Hu, Abhinav Muddappa, Chenlu Li, Fairuz Shariff, Beatriz Monreal (not in photo)

Public Speaking Committee

Meet IMD’s 2024 Public Speaking Committee, a diverse group of professionals from various countries and backgrounds with one thing in common – a passion to help their classmates develop the flair for getting their message across. Whether you’re a seasoned orator or someone who’s just starting to dip their toes into the world of public speaking, there’s something here for everyone. We invite our classmates to unlock the power of their voices and inspire greatness in themselves and others.

Committee members (left to right): Kipp Ladendorf, Mohammed Charif Daoudi, Carlotta Schwarz, Susheel Kumar Variyath, Ned Kingdon, Gilles Anoma (not in photo), Gunjan Mittal (not in photo)
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