MBA student, Abhinav Muddappa, highlights how his class grew closer as they worked on the integrative exercise.

Just when we thought we could finally take a breather after finishing our Module 2 exams, we were thrown into an integrative exercise that put all our learning to the test. It was a two-day task that started with a hefty 24-page case study, which felt as heavy as it looked. This case study was open to interpretation, meaning we had to think critically and work closely with our team to develop solutions. Late nights became the norm as we refined our presentation skills and strategies. 

Module 2 integrative exercise group: Andrew Rankine, Anouk Rossier, Pekka Tuisku, Beatriz Monreal, me and Selim Sfar (left to right)

We faced harsh criticism during the first round of presentations, but it taught us the importance of thinking on our feet and being prepared for tough questions. We took this feedback in stride and revised our strategies and storytelling for the second round of presentations. Despite the challenges, the experience turned into a cherished memory and a valuable learning experience that will stay with us for life. 

Module 3 focused on marketing, culminating in the marketing strategy game Markstrat. As we made decisions and faced increasing pressure with each round, tensions arose within our new teams. As we grappled with resolving these tensions, we were fortunate to have Professor George Kohlrieser guide us through High-Performance Leadership. 

Through his teachings, we delved into internal issues that directly impact leadership, gaining valuable tools for communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution. We learned the importance of dialogue and how to navigate through grief, resolving conflicts along the way. This emotional rollercoaster paved the way for personal growth and strengthened our bonds as a cohort. 

Me with fellow classmates Kyohei Oe, Sebastian Schulte, Ruiyi Hu, Georg Hammer, Anouk Rossier, Ruth Shalom Kinyua and Xiaolong Ou

Following the intensity of Module 3, we embarked on the MBAT experience in Paris — a much-needed break filled with fun and physical activities. Over the last few weeks, our class grew closer as we shared personal stories, became vulnerable with each other, and built trust through sportsmanship. We stood up for one another and supported each other in various games, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. 

Me with the IMD cricket team at MBAT, Paris: me, Nicholas Saari, Mohamad Hussain, Sanjay Parihar, Prateek Prabhune, Aakriti Batra, Tejas Jalan, Stephanie Hudson, Raza Naqvi, Masha Goel, Rohit Gupta, Jack Davies, Deekshant Sharma (left to right)

Our hard work and dedication culminated in a remarkable achievement: winning 19 medals. This accomplishment served as proof of the transformation that our class underwent throughout the program. It showcased our collective capabilities and highlighted the power of teamwork and perseverance. 

The class at the MBAT gala with Dean, Omar Toulan

As we look ahead to the future, we are excited to see what unfolds for us as a cohort. The challenges we faced and the triumphs we celebrated have prepared us for whatever comes next. Together, we are ready to tackle whatever lies ahead, armed with the lessons learned and the bonds forged along the way. 


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