I like sounds of sea: billions of wave melodies blend to form universal harmony. Individually we might be able to distinguish only a few, but in sharing with others – listen to symphonic music. This is what I see in our class: perspectives of my classmates enlarge my comprehension. At the same time, our IMD experience can be compared to that on an ocean cruise, so intense, full of uncertainty, versatile and multilayer, and absolutely impossible without support and input of each of us. Guys, with you I am more.

In reflecting on in my leadership journey I caught myself thinking, that while my initial objective was in my personal development, I actually invest in others, meaning that I will harvest only a small peace of it. I as a leader, ideally self-aware, efficient, humane, courageous, respectful, caring, supporting and so forth, I am being baked at IMD to serve others. And it has nothing in common with psychology of a bee or an ant. It calls me to respect and endeavor, to enjoy and nourish team environment. No dominating, rather freedom to contribute, discover and inspire – this is what IMD gives me at this stage. What is happening to me in a team environment, how I influence the team, how its dynamics shapes the work that we do? I came as an ego and I am now an ego in a context and I am in transformation…
Thanks to intensive studying I start to reevaluate importance of various business functions within organization. Viewing business from a marketing window for several years made me believe that nothing was more important than my function. And today, for instance, I appreciate more impact of supply chain on a business. I’ve never viewed it as a human function – forecasting, analyzing, dealing with channels seemed to be demanding high responsibility and concentration, very technical. However today through a new integrated perspective on operations I reevaluate my relationship in a broader and structural context.
We are on a learning curve.
Till soon,
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