dsc_2012A strange feeling of realizing, that something so powerful in my life as my MBA experience at IMD, is over: no more schooling regimen, no rush, no hubbub, no class psychology, no free fruits any more. I’ve grown up by a second chance and lost another important feeling of presence. Who am I and how am I going to be in the future? Wait a moment, I guess I’ve learned something this year!

While thinking of myself and of my today’s sorrow I asked: why do I feel this way? Obviously, in the midst of relocation, cartons and missing stuff, I am still saying goodbye and not only to my MBA, but also to the whole perception of myself prior to today. Because I will never be the same after this year. And I also let myself grief, as I’ve learned to be sensitive to my inner world and respect it. After all, there is nothing bad in feeling low after having been left on such a height, and, all of a sudden, realize that since now I am on my own to find new way, to implement what I’ve learned, to own and respect myself and people around.

Listening to my daughter’s grumbling on her school life and on my reluctance to support her view, but rather instead telling her to cope with the reality, I am thinking of the secure-based leadership, that I am supposed to give her – a solid and reliable ground to let her accomplish her endeavours.

I don’t know yet what kind of leader I will be professionally, but promise to keep in mind this year’s learnings!

Last weekend, while scanning my school notes, I was realizing how much have I learnt and… forgot. Thanks God, I have my notes and materials to review from time to time. I also have my books, and amongst them our yearbook, so thoroughly and diligently prepared by some of my special classmates. I have many pictures of my school friends, partners, professors and IMD colleagues, while looking on those my heart feels warmth, sense of belonging and love. Oh, I also have an aquarelle card, beautifully pained by our partners, to remind me of what I’ve been through and that “The sky is the limit”, so artistically presented by IMD MBAs 2016 Luca Gianaschi and Antoine Fierens at their remarkable graduation speech. And I am IMD MBA alumna now, a part of this unique, strong and supportive community.

What a wonderful timing, to finish the program and prepare for a new path, at the Christmas Eve and with the last days of the year! As if it is Her Majesty Time that offers us to stop, reflect, say thank you or murmur goodbye, and prepare to scream hallo… So many people I met, and they made me who I am now – I am so grateful to you all! Thank you for helping me change and leaving me relentlessly restless. I can’t choose – I am IMD now…

There will be new candidates filling in Lorange auditorium just in a couple of weeks and my place there will be taken by someone else. Please, value what you have, a newcomer, a forty fifth generation of IMD MBAs! And if you need support, let us know – you are a part of a family now – an incredible honour and a great responsibility.

Happy holidays and till soon (and I never say goodbye here)!


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