“It is an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco” – Oscar Wilde


After we got back from our CEPs from all over the world, we had advanced analytics classes for 6 days. We learnt some quantitative analysis concepts – regression, conjoint analysis, company valuation etc.

Since then we have also had our first detailed meetings with our international consulting project (ICP) clients. For our ICP, my group is working on pricing of a drug for a big pharmaceutical company. When it comes to pricing, I guess nothing comes close to the complexity of pharma industry. We had a lively discussion in the group about the moral, ethical and financial consequences of pharma pricing. We had to debate complex issues like quality adjusted life years, and sustainability of the R&D capabilities of the industry. So, I am very excited about this project and looking forward to the challenge.

But right now, we are in one of the most exciting periods of the IMD MBA. Our class will be divided into three groups who will be traveling to different corners of the world for our Discovery Expeditions. The purpose of these trips is to understand the countries, meet companies and alumni, potentially meet recruiters, and also to generally get a flavor of the place. This year 30 IMD MBAs are traveling to Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan. Another group is going to Dubai and Singapore. Finally, my group is going to Monterrey, Mexico and San Francisco, USA.


Least to say, we are all very excited about the trip. For weeks, we have been planning who to meet, what to do when we are there etc. The advantage of a global MBA like IMD is the different nationalities in the class. I come from Singapore/India. There were few other classmates of mine who have lived or worked in Singapore before and we put together a list of places to see and things to do in Singapore. Similarly, other classmates of mine also sent us lists of places to see and food to try in Mexico etc.

During our discovery trip, we will be hosted by SalesForce and will be meeting with local government officials to understand the region and meet companies. I am most excited about visiting the Tesla factory. Classmates going to Singapore are visiting some prestigious names like Temasek and Apple.



During these trips, there will be an alumni event at each destination – Singapore, Dubai, Monterrey, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo. We encourage future applicants to register for these events and come visit us to have your questions answered and potentially network with some of our alumni.

Link to register – http://www.imd.org/mba/one-year-mba-program-events/

Hope to see you in California,



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