The MBA scholarship deadline was 30th September, and by midnight an impressive number of thought-provoking essays had reached us.

It is always inspiring to see the amount of effort that people put into writing their scholarship essays. They offer a clear insight into business trends of the time, combined with personal anecdotes, new angles and even the occasional bit of humour!

Each year, the scholarship committee faces the challenge of going through all the applications, reading and assessing the essays, discussing and arguing for our favorites, selecting finalists to be sent to external juries, and then waiting for the definitive selection to know who has actually been nominated as the winners of the various scholarships.

This year, we are proud to announce that 34 IMD Scholarships were awarded, meaning that we have been able to help 38% of the 2018 class.

The 34 winners have been informed and announced to the class, but we would like to thank everyone who submitted an application for their time and effort. We would also like to thank our external sponsors and juries for helping us to increase the number of scholarships we were able to offer this year, and for their help in the tough selection process.

Here are a couple of responses we received from winners:

André Cepêda, Brazil/Portugal

“The Emerging Markets scholarship goes beyond enabling the pursuit of world-class executive education; it sets a moral commitment for me to retribute by helping people to reach their full potential along my career after MBA.”

Sara Jamil, France/Morocco

“I am honoured to have been selected for the IMD MBA Merit Scholarship. It means a great deal to me…This gesture simply confirmed my initial intuition about IMD: an authentic MBA program that first and foremost fosters merit and diversity.”

We look forward to welcoming the new candidates to campus in January!







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