Let’s set the scene: you started your MBA less than one month ago, you know more or less what a start-up and a drone is, and then, all of a sudden you make a deep dive into the discussion: what is drone industry really about? How does air traffic work? How are the regulations evolving? How does automation affect the technology roadmap? These are just a few of the questions that pop into your mind….With your 5 team mates and company founders, you start from scratch.

We are thrilled to be the first ones to share our experience of the IMD MBA start-up projects!

This project is a tremendous opportunity to have a hands-on involvement with a start-up, whilst working to contribute to the real world with our experiences and learnings to create value and have an impact.

For our team, the sky will be the limit. Literally.

Out of the 15 start-ups selected by IMD through a competition, we shortlisted OneSky, a Swiss start-up based in Lausanne aims at opening the sky to autonomous drone applications with real-time air traffic data.

We had our first meeting with OneSky last week and we got to know the 3 co-founders, listened to their stories, ideas, challenges, vision and, above all, their passion.


The weekend after this first contact, we exchanged our first insights and aligned our understandings during a barbecue they organized on the company premises. Quickly the similarities between being an MBA candidate and start-up entrepreneur became apparent; both parties rarely enjoy a free week-end and thrive on building a solid relationship with people in their peer group in order to support them through their challenging path.


Through this 4-month project, we will be working with OneSky as a team. Our goal is to help them to grow faster and aim to a practical and concrete output. We already have key elements to develop new insights and contribute to the business models, entry strategy, user cases, marketing approaches, and who knows…maybe the sky is not the limit after all!

“Lucky Team 13”
Team members: Andre Cepeda and Rafael Zarpao (Brazilians), Ash Nagpal ( Australian), Damini Sud (Indian), Oriane Perryman-Holt (French) and Raj Ramful (Mauritian).


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