Passionate, curious, dynamic and resilient.

I’m Neharika from India and have spent majority of my life experiencing the cultures and contrast across some of the largest cities in India.

I’ve my own version of the very popular Paulo Coelho quote: “when you want something bad enough, work so hard (and smart) that the entire universe is forced to conspire in helping you achieve it”



My professional experience spans 9.75 years in business development, client management & revenue enhancement through providing consulting services for FMCG and financial services global clients. I started with Morgan Stanley Capital International and post 6.5 years, transitioned to Absolutdata, a boutique advanced analytics & services firm, leading the marketing analytics team.

 Tell us one unique thing about yourself

I spent about 5 months sailing around the world on an LPG carrier (can be easily compared to a large truck on water ?) without any internet or modern means of communication. To make it even more adventurous, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice in the middle of stormy winters!! 


I would consider my life successful and well spent if it is full of inspiring conversations; I meet and lead unique and talented people; and create an impact at each and every step of my life.






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