It’s now 5 weeks into the 7-week ICP, and over this period our team of 5 has lived an extraordinary life of consultants – working together, working remotely, travelling all over Europe- oh yes! we got our hands on some authentic paellas and pizzas – and then back again to the client.

Also coming constantly back to IMD, as a secure base, not just geographically but also in terms of what we learnt throughout various courses this year.

It goes without saying that the art of consulting is not just in the facts and figures but also in people coming together as a team and bringing in diverse perspectives to add value to the client. I have seen my team evolve from being a group of individuals to a high impact, creative, smart team. It makes me feel proud of all that we have done together with our ups and downs. I look back with fondness on all the fun we had in our study room with the air conditioning always not working, collectively weird allergies and our ever supportive ICP Director, Salvatore.

Who knew that working with the flooring industry could be so much fun, especially when you get access to the world of mouth-watering Belgian chocolates and fries every time you visit. It is amazing how our team has earned the reputation for keeping chocolates in the dungeons (study rooms)!

The ICP, as well as the year at IMD, is soon coming to an end, but these memories that we have made and the learnings from this experience will always be close to my heart.

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Our team: Muhammad, Sakshi, Pedro, Ash and Lauren.

– Sakshi

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